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This podcast is a veritable buffet for those who love to study and learn prophecy!

Topics Include:

- Armageddon and the Gog/Magog War
- The 2 Witnesses
- Satan and The Abyss
- The Millennium
- The Coming New World Order
- The Mark of the Beast
- 9/11 in prophecy
- Spiritual Conscience and corruption
- Satan's tactics against believers
- Salvation and the cross
- Jesus is King!
- and more

Listen in to a conversation Amos had with Brother Justin. This is a compilation of so many prophetical topics that it's hard to list all that is contained in the podcast. It moves very fast so be sure to have your Bible and a notepad ready!


This is a message to the mature. Meat in due season. For all those who have struggled between Babylon and the Kingdom of God; between the reality of the struggle against sin and the heart that thirsts after righteousness.

There is a truth that reveals the difference between actions of the flesh and the desires of the heart. Listen in as Amos shares a revelation that God gave to him through the Word of God. This podcast will be a balm of healing to many and water for those who have thirsted while waiting in the "wilderness".

May God give discernment and open the eyes of understanding for many.

"Come unto me, all that are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" - Jesus Christ - Matthew 11:28


Have you ever wondered where the story of the fall of Lucifer originated? Was Satan really once a beautiful heavenly angel named Lucifer? Did God cast Lucifer out of heaven because he was filled with pride? Did Satan lead an ancient rebellion of one third of the angels against God?

David W. Lowe's new book, DECONSTRUCTING LUCIFER, delves deep into the history of the story of Lucifer to answer these and many other questions about Satan and his origins. Investigate the earliest sources in order to determine who was responsible for the story of Lucifer and its ultimate adoption as a mainstream teaching. Hebrew, Greek, and Latin word studies will serve to illuminate the relevant passages of scripture for you, uncovering their proper meaning.

Listen in and find out why Satan's name is not Lucifer. Shockingly enough, if the New Testament were written in Latin, you'd be reading in Revelation 22:16 how Christ likens Himself to "Lucifer".

It's not what you think. This is not about some new heresy, but about the truth behind the word "Lucifer" and the intent of the passages in Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28 and many others. The implications of this one simple truth have far-reaching effects that none of us may truly realize.


This is one podcast you do not want to miss.


Listen in as Amos has a word for the watchmen out there who may be growing weary from trying to sift through all kinds of disniformation. Stay awake and don't fall asleep. The signs are there and as the end draws near, Satan will use all kinds of tactics to try and goad watchmen into warning about false events that will discredit them.

The main heart of the podcast is audio from Sid Roth's interview with Jonathan Cahn and his insights into the coming judgment that will fall upon America. God is making His hand seen in judgment through 9/11 and other events that are coming.

Judgment is what brings us to repentance. We are dry bones and God will raise us up. Let us pray for revival during the coming judgments!

This is a fascinating podcast and one that shouldn't be missed!

To purchase Jonathan Cahn's book "The Harbinger", please click the link:

The 2 videos the audio were pulled from:
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcsv4t9SzTg
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlrDYRVlUf0


Comet ELEnin is already causing a stir even before it's arrival.

Emotions are running high and it seems that everyone has an opinion. Is Comet Elenin just a sensational conspiracy? Can Terral be trusted? Should we prepare for global catastrophe or is this just another false alarm?

These are all good questions.

One thing is for certain, TruthStream has lost it's spot on the Revelations Radio Network over the controversial interview with TerralO3.

Listen in as Amos gets into some real talk about Elenin and the truth behind the split with RRN.


Comet Elenin has sparked a wave of controversy across the internet. Is it an extinction level event or just apocalyptic hype? Is NASA telling us the truth?

Listen in to get the latest info from the man who is leading the charge to get the truth about Elenin out to the masses.

Join Terral and others in the PalTalk Research community. To get into the Paltalk chat room, download Paltalk at http://www.Paltalk.com and install the program. Setup a username and password and search for the "Planet X Brown Dwarf Research" room. It can be found under the "education" then "other" catagories.

Just to let you all know, the TruthStream main homepage ( http://www.TruthStreamOasis.com ) was hacked before this interview. Someone accessed the .htaccess file and had it redirecting to a fake virus site. Someone didn't want this information out there.

Also, TalkShoe was not good to us with Terral's audio. You can definitely hear him but it's not as clear as we would have liked it. I apologize, but we did the best we could with what TalkShoe was giving us.

For the most comprehensive links on Terral's ELEnin research, go to: http://www.emergencycoalition.com/discussion/elenin-links .

This information can be frightening and is very serious. Take this information to the Lord in prayer. Use discernment and let Christ lead you in all things. May God bless you all.

Grace and peace,


What does the Bible have to say about 9/11? Is it prophecy fulfilled? How is God using 9/11 to accomplish His will?

This special 9/11 podcast answers many of these questions. God set a trap and Babylon was captured before they even realized it.

The Bible always tells the truth and it proves itself to be the Word of God as time moves forward.

Let the Word of God be the GPS that shows you right where you are in the prophetic timetable!


The whirlwind is upon us. Confusion abounds. Everyone is thirsting for the supernatural. This creates a void where the false prophet will prosper.

We must be vigilant and wise. Discerning but never losing trust. Where is the balance?

Take a ride with Amos as he thinks out loud and ponders the scripture's direction and warnings.


With all the hype and fear surrounding the Gulf Oil Spill, Amos weighs in on the issue and cuts through the propaganda with the laser beam of Truth.

This world is full of lies and unless we are "wise as serpents", we will be led astray by the news media, false prophets with false visions and any other bait that Babylon lays before us.

We have a huge responsibility as God's ambassadors to bring truth. We should be very cautious not to cry "wolf" every time the news media baits us into thinking Armageddon is right around the corner.

Tune in to hear a different perspective on this whole crisis and find out why the news media is leading many believers right into a trap.

Podcast Reference Material:

Report by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

CNN Fake News Report on 1st Gulf War (Alex Jones)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyuQMtq1MkE (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJstmopuBzc&feature=related (Part 2)


Babylon: The Harlot. Mother of all the mysteries and spiritual fornication.

Are we too dull and numb to realize the horror of what is taking place right before our eyes. Have we succumb to acceptance and tolerance?

God tells us to flee Babylon....to come out of "her".

Lost your strength to run the marathon race of these end times? Listen in to renew your strength. God knows we need help.

Hopefully the waters of TruthStream can be that help.


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